Dirtbag Cafe Branding

Business Cards
'Dirtbag' is a term of endearment that embodies this idea of following your path no matter where it takes you. When approaching the design for Dirtbag Cafe's new business cards I wanted to create something that was unique and captured this idea of dirtbag adventure.

The pre-existing Dirtbag Cafe logo had a variety of elements that I wanted to continue to grow and expand on when designing. I took to pen and paper and drew the mountainscape, birds, and trees, then refined the illustrations further in Adobe Illustrator. For the information side of the business card, I wanted to incorporate a cursive typeface that matched and would tie the front and back in together.

Beer Glass
When designing the beer glass, I wanted to repeat the adventure element in a clean and simplistic way. I stripped down the illustration to just the mountainscape and birds and placed the emphasis on the cafe logo.

The Client
Dirtbag Cafe

Project Date
2017 - 2018

Tools Used
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop

Photography by
Austin Hoekstra
Copyright Christine Saul ©2018